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Our services

To stay relevant In the market, Henderson continues to adapt, ensuring the services we provide are up to date and adequately meet the needs of our customers.

Our solutions

To present effective solutions for our customers, Henderson commits a substantial amount of resources to develop and refine our solutions. Our Quality Assurance program also plays a big part in the delivery of our integrated solutions, ensuring our customers always get the best value.


Constantly innovating in each service line to deliver the best and most effective integrated solution

Our command centre is capable of monitoring a variety of sensors including CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Alarms with the latest video analytics couple with an experienced team. Henderson provides an effective monitoring solution in this ever-changing security landscape.
Concierge Services
Our concierge team has been deployed in a variety of residential and commercial properties. Our concierge staff are deployed along as a complement to our security services as well as deployed as a stand-alone service.
Technician Services
Our Henderson Technologies team has been providing technicians to several commercial and residential properties. In addition, we have an experienced team to maintain and install a variety of Security and M&E systems.
Patrol & Responses
Our patrol and response team is spread out across the island and can respond quickly to emergencies. The patrol and response team also conducts security audits and intrusion tests, in addition to patrol and mobile guarding services.
Security manpower
Been the core business of Henderson since inception. With over 15 years of experience and over 1000 security personnel deployed all across the country, we are able to deploy security officers to effectively secure a diverse range of properties.


Constantly innovating in each service line to deliver the best and most effective integrated solution

Smart Facility Management
With the latest smart FM and IOT technology, leveraging on our command centre, we are able to understands the FM needs onsite and design more effective ways of managing facilities
Security Consultancy
Our experience team of security professionals will be able to provide security consulting service across Government, Commercial and Residential sectors.
System Integration
Able to install and integrate security systems, either working with legacy systems or the installation of new systems.

integrated solutions

Holistic Approach in revamping your Security Framework

We would assess current security plans with reference to the current threats that a client may face. We find that most of the time security and deployment plans have not been updated in a long time and security measures may not be as effective as what it was intended to be.
site survey & audits
We will spend time on site to physically observe site situation and trends to fully understand the difficulties and challenges on site which may not be well articulated in security SOPs and specifications.
With Henderson Technologies and the other technology partners that we have, we are able to deploy a variety of systems to augment the manpower onsite. This capability also allows us to do job redesign and redeployment of officers, ensuring that security officers are doing meaningful security work with the latest technology and process re-engineering to ensure all of our clients’ security needs are met. We are also to leverage on our regional offices in Australia, New Zealand and India.

service quality assurance

Henderson uses a combination of systems and compliance personnel to ensure that our officers on the ground are performing their duties to the best of their abilities. Our Quality Management team is always there to support them whenever necessary

Manpower Support

Our security personnel are on scheduled monthly off days. There will be a pool of permanent relief security officers as replacement during their off days. During emergencies & contingencies our relief officers will be activated within two hours.

Night check by Project Inspectors

Besides our routine inspection by our Operations team, regular night spot checks are also conducted during silent hours by our Project Inspectors.

HSS Training Centre

Henderson Security Services is also an accredited training organisation under the SkillsFuture Singapore security framework. Our certified trainers are able to conduct training to ensure our officers on the ground and performing their tasks according to site requirements and are also able to train them in the mandatory modules

Security Risk Survey & Audit

Prior to commencement of the project, Henderson will conduct a thorough security risk survey jointly with the client to examine security flaws at the development and to propose suitable security measures to counteract. Subsequently, bi-yearly security risk surveys are conducted to review on measures and provisions.

Security Equipment

On top of studying the site process and providing the necessary manpower, Henderson will also ensure that the appropriate security equipment is provided, to ensure our officers on the ground have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks well.

24-Hour Command Centre

Our Head Office has a command centre that runs 24/7 facilitating centralized monitoring and operational support.

Client Testimonials

“We would like to compliment them on their bravery and initiative to assist in catching the python and making our residents feel safe with their action. They have gone beyond their work scope and provided their best service to Regency Park. “
“The team had done extremely well. They should be commended for their bravery and quick reaction. I understand that there are commendation award policy in our company. Please raise the commendation award and I will like to speak to them personally to thank them.”
“Our concierge at AIA Customer Service have received compliments from customers. Good job to the concierge team again.”